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    How to find the BEST JOB?

    Are you seeking your JOB / CAREER based on your Interest or Skill?

    Answering to this question is not my responsibility, but understanding this question more clearly is every Jobseeker’s & Employer’s responsibility. One understanding another’s Interest and ability, possibility & expectations may support to identify the right one. Misunderstanding may lead to lose their valuable one. Most of the Misunderstanding begins from missing their COMFORT zone. When looking or focusing on their comfort zone, they ultimately forget their original Interest, Skill, responsibility.

    That’s how most of the candidates are not able to find their Best job. Unfortunately, they understand that there is no Job opportunity as per my Interest, skill, qualification, etc.

    To find the best job, every jobseekers must know that what actually Employer is Expecting and vice versa. Then only need to focus on their INTEREST & SKILL. After finding their Interested Job, and then focussed on Employer’s Expectation, skill for that particular Job. Once matching all your skills, attitude, interests as per Employer’s Expectation, Organization culture. Of course that is the BEST JOB for you. To search, find such best Job, Everyone & Every time must needed to do the Following 15 Check list,

    1. Understand your own Interest
    2. Understand your own skill
    3. Check your own willingness & ability to relocate
    4.  List out Industries
    5.  Learn possible Functional area
    6. Fix your own Job role
    7.  Search Job role & understand its eligibility
    8.  Read more details about Company expectation
    9.  Check with your own Eligibility
    10.  Check your own skill
    11.  Once matching more than 80%, then Apply JOB
    12.  Call & confirm Employer for more Details about Company & Job roles & responsibility
    13. Check & learn more details about Company
    14.  Prepare yourself to face INTERVIEW
    15. Perform your Best by showing your actual interest & dedication.

    Once Appointed prove your skills & dedication by working out of your comfort zone to sustain and grow together. If not getting Job opportunity, then again do the same check list for Another Job along with your previous Interview Experiences.

    Note: Just Knowing is not mean by UNDERSTANDING, Just Reading is not mean by CHECK.

    So, Carefully CHECK & UNDERSTAND your Right Career.

    Yes! Right one will always be the BEST one.



    T.Gurunathan, Founder & Director

    Tamil Employment.

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