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    Really Looking YOUR CAREER?

    Are you really looking your comfort zone or your right CAREER?
    The Right CAREER is nothing but which makes you the Successful person, whereas Success never be the comfort zone of anyone. Anyone living beyond their comfort zone, absolutely they are the one having RIGHT CAREER.

    Basically people hate their Career since it destroys their comfort zone.

    A Boy lost his bike key at dark room of his Friend's home. Instead of lighting a candle or instead of waiting there still get power on, he suddenly planned to search that lost key at his own house since his house having power on.

    Waiting for a while may not be the comfort zone,

    Searching his lost key at Darkness may not be the comfort zone,

    Lighting a candle may not be the comfort zone than cursing the Darkness,

    Searching the Lost key at another location may be comfort zone, since there is power on, But any possibility to get that LOST KEY?

    Not possible. Most of the JOBSEEKERS & EMPLOYERS are doing this kind of searching only.
    You can't decide your Career, whereas your Location decide your Career..
    Setting their Career at their nearest Location may be possible for few only, unfortunately many of the people needs to relocate to set their Career. Even they are facing many sacrifices on their routine, personal & comfort zone.
    Everyone must be willing to set themselves, their mind set, their interest, their Ambitions, only based on their CAREER.

    Thus your LOCATION decides YOU & YOUR CAREER..

    Before search, find and set your Career, you have to be willing to change your Location as of your CAREER.

    Note: Adopting yourselves with your situation means accept everything as your Comfort zone. It Results you & your career as the successful one..



    T.Gurunathan, Founder & Director

    Tamil Employment.

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