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    How to face Interview?

    Fresher or experienced, most commonly thinking about, how to face an interview?
    The Interviewer already planned to identify an Employee's Eligibility, skill as per job role and whether matching to their organization's culture or not. All their questions will also be related to your skill, Eligibility, learning ability and their expectations. An Applicant, must know the following before attending the INTERVIEW.,
    1) Company details and their History
    2) Nature of their business
    3) Job role & Responsibility
    4) Skill must have & Need to learn
    5) Clear Answer to the interview FAQs

    After prepared for all these points, you trust yourself that you are almost ready to attend your interview to deliver your all original skills. Never compromise yourself for salary or Company brand or their offers. Compromising will make you confused to take right decision at any cause.
    Be clear on your ability, skill set and your needs & possibility. The interview is successful when you are getting your perfect salary at right concern with fully satisfied delivery of your work result. Otherwise it seems to be compromised interview by an Applicant or Interviewer.
    Once you understood and agreed all the above points, please follow the below facts while attending an Interview;
    1) Attend the Interview with professionally dressed.
    2) Reach the Interview location before min 15 minutes.
    3) watch & Learn to know more clear about the company and its activities.
    4) Keep all needed documents and your RESUME without any lie and mention all your own details more clearly.
    5) While waiting on the room for the interview, switch off mobile, Be smiling face, Sit with more confident on your skill
    6) Don't walk fast into the interview Room, Open the door more carefully and lock it politely. Don't laugh loudly, Never react too friendly with interviewer,
    7) Watch every questions carefully and answer with confidently.
    8) Ask questions about your Office timing, Job location, Job roles & Responsibilities and prove them your interest, skill regarding that Role.
    9) Never give them too much of promising words than your actual possibilities. Also never beg them for your Job since you are the real Professional.

    All these points are basically need to know & follow while appearing an interview..

    Note: Everyone having Uniqueness to set their Career, each and every interview session will be useful to find that uniqueness. Pass or Fail the interview doesn't matter where finding their own uniqueness matters.
    Keep learning till die means not for any certificate but learn from your daily activities.



    T.Gurunathan, Founder & Director

    Tamil Employment.


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