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    Be IDEAL than IDLE

    Being UNIQUE than actual is known as IDEAL.

    Are you IDEAL Person? (or) (IDLE) REAL Person?

    Main reason to be IDLE is that they understand the Reality & Actual possibility. But the IDEAL people never focus on Reality. Whereas they always shaping the Reality with their own thoughts and new ideas. Their vision also will be always beyond the possibility. They are optimist. Ideal people focusing on what should be done, rather than what happened.

    This IDEALISM causes you to see things in a very Hopeful manner, shaping the situations with your own ideas. REALISM causes you to access a situation as it is, without overt emotional involvement.
    IDEAL & REAL peoples are identified, in how they perceive things and carry out tasks.
    When making decision, the REAL Person are more goal oriented, they may have lofty ambitions, but lack of clarity and focus to put them into action in an achievable way.
    Stop being IDLE and make yourself more IDEAL, Unique. Never hesitate to access that what you think to be.

    If you Agreed above points, then read the following points behind Mirror;
    You are an awesome to be IDEAL than REAL.
    You going to rock something UNIQUE than REAL,
    You are the IDEAL one that you are thinking about yourself,

    So, Never Underestimate yourself and your skill. Sharpening your IDEALISM may break all your struggles easily.

    TRUST on yourself
    TEACH to yourself
    TRY for yourself

    STOP blaming anyone

    STOP expecting anyone

    STOP following anyone




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